Welcome to Grand Rapids Natural Birth and Pregnancy and Nourish Lactation Services! I host workshops and classes centered on techniques and information that will help you:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy

  • Birth your baby with confidence

  • Take care of your baby once they arrive

  • Breastfeed successfully, if that is the feeding method you choose

Utilizing evidence-based childbirth techniques, I work with mothers and partners to uncover strategies that will help them navigate labor successfully, allowing them to birth with confidence. I will help you answer questions like:

  • What does a contraction feel like?

  • What exactly is dilation, effacement, a mucus plug, and bag of waters and why would I want someone to break it?

  • When should I leave for the hospital? Should I birth at a hospital? Are there other options?

  • How can my partner help me? I want him/her there...but what can they DO exactly?

  • What is a doula and do I need one?

    And much more!

All of this is done through fun lectures, videos, hands-on demonstrations of practical labor positions and actual labor rehearsals/practice to help you prepare for your special day! In addition to childbirth, I can help you learn more about breastfeeding and be ready to feed your baby pain-free at the first latch, discovering your newborn with special tips to calm a fussy baby, as well as how to have a great postpartum period and transition to a family of 3 (or more!) Learn more about me and how I serve the community HERE.