Welcome to Grand Rapids Natural Birth and Pregnancy and Nourish, a personalized birth and breastfeeding education service to help support you and your partner as you figure out what options will be best for birth, breastfeeding, and beyond!


Preparing for birth…

I’ll help you get ready to make the easy and hard decisions by asking challenging questions ahead of time. I’ll help you think about what you want for your birth and how to transform that into a birth plan and communicate these ideas with your care providers.


I believe in you…

And your ability to birth well. I can show you and your birth partner what you can do to birth with confidence. Learn about the progress of natural labor, positions, and comfort measures. I don’t believe in the concept of a pain-free birth…I believe in having tools and knowledge to help you in your journey.


more than just birth…

After baby arrives, I can help with breastfeeding and answer those “is this normal” questions. Breastfeeding is different for every mom and baby…and I seek to provide gentle, compassionate care and education to help mothers and families reach their breastfeeding goals.