Birth Basics


Birth Basics

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4 hour Saturday mini-session for mom and birth partner covering labor and birth positions, comfort measures, and pain management techniques. This is perfect for couples:

  • That have birthed a child already and just want a refresher to remind them of the journey ahead!

  • Who have done a lot of online research and reading and just want a short, hands-on class to solidify everything in their hearts and minds.

Who need a condensed class to learn what will happen during birth and practical steps to help them make the best decisions while birthing their baby.

NEXT CLASS BEGINS: 3/23/2019 SATURDAY 1-5pm and 5/20/2019 SATURDAY 1-5PM

Class Location 3/23/2019: Simply Born Birth House, 802 Merritt St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49507

Class Location 5/20/2019: Thrive Chiropractic Center, 7199 Kalamazoo Ave, Caledonia, MI 49316

Birth Class:
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